Welcome to Silver Peak

Silver Peak Energy and its affliated companies are engaged in the development of business ventures worldwide with a focus in the development of energy projects, including mining, exporting of coal and metals, and constructing and operating wind, solar, and hydro-electric stations. We are also involved in projects involving the design and operation of ports and telecommunication networks

Our goal and strategy is to continue our growth by partnering with innovative companies world wide. We have affiliate offices, partners and representatives spanning across the globe in the UK, USA, Japan, India, Eastern Europe. to name a few.


Solar Power

Silver Peak is engaging in projects with solar equipment, providers, and solar electric solutions in Japan and the United States.

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Wind Power

Silver Peak has exclusive contracts with proprietary wind power technologies and plans to facilitate the building of electric

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Gas and Oil

Our primary focus is the oil and gas energy resources located in the Caspian Sea region. Silver Peak monitors and clears polluted

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Silver Peak is the primary facilitator for new business ventures in mining. Silver Peak engages in collaboration deals with local and

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Hydro Electric Energy

We help develop strategies and solutions for major hydro electric installations in ASIA.

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Silver Peak promotes new and green technologies in the recycling of plastics and tires. Silver Peak brings in new partners and creates

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